Weblinks Collection


Bandwith Calculator

Helps converting between different data units. Estimated download time can also be calculated.

Ebay Buyer Tools

Some useful tools for ebay-buyers. For example displaying only the poor ratings of a user/seller.

Filetransfer Tool

With WEtransfer you can upload and exchange data files up to 2GB without registration.  Just put in the recipient’s email address and upload a file.

Financial Calculators

Several online financial calculation tools.  Among other things you’ll find calculation tools for mortgage loans, income tax, salary and many others.

Geographic Midpoint Generator

With this tool the geographical midpoint of two addresses can be calculated. Useful to meet half-way.

Let me google that for you…

Do you know people that are too lazy to put their question into Google and ask instead? Lmgtfy.com provides a funny tool to show people how to use Google-Search 😉

Mediaconverter (convert2mp3.net)

Music and videos can be downloaded from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo und Clipfish. Conversion online to MP3, MP4 and into many other formats. As stated on their webpage “legal, free of charge and without registration”.

Mediaconverter (anything2mp3.com)

Another tool for downloading videos/music from the web. Supports Soundcloud, VIMEO, Tumblr, Facebook, Dailymotion and many others.

Online Videorecorder (OTR)

Onlinetvrecorder.com provides an outstanding service for recording broadcasted TV programme. It supports over 100 TV-channels and especially all the german stations. No monthly fee and basically free of charge.

Photo censorship Onlinetool

Facepixelizer is a specialized image editor for anonymizing images. Use Facepixelizer to quickly hide information in images that you don’t want to become public.

Photo image editing Onlinetool

Upload pictures and do some digital retouching or add some digital photo-effects online.

Second hand sale comparison

Campares rebuy prices for books and electronical devices on all common rebuy portals.


URL-Shorten and redirecting service which allows the user to define a  descriptive name for the short-URL. E.g. http://re.po.st/sample85.
Statistics about the usage are also available.

Videostream Downloader

is a free media converter & downloader to help you convert any video to MP4/FLV/AVI format. A wide range of videostreaming platforms are supported.